How can video marketing help my business?

When asked this, I find it simple to answer. In short. ALWAYS

Customers hate reading written content and prefer watching videos. However, it has to be engaging, and no one wants to watch paint dry in 4K.

Here are a few things to consider:

✔️What is the end goal? What are we trying to achieve from the video content?

✔️ Who’s the target audience? It’s pointless using TikTok when your client base is on LinkedIn.

✔️ How long will it be? Fast snappy? Informative? Creative?

✔️ Will more videos be part of a series, or is this a one-off?

✔️What will the CTA be?

When discussing budgets, it’s helpful to consider the impact and possible ROI. However, this is not always measurable, and video content can be used and recycled in future projects.

That’s why for £149, you can have a copy of all the RAW footage we shoot at Creative Solutions on a new HDD! 🚀

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